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Ordered Xtream Media Server Pro-3800 Dec 23rd 2009 was told server would arrive Dec 29th 2009-Never showed! Januray 12th a Dirty, Used,dented server without owners manual, covered in greasy finger prints arrived.Immediately informed Xtream and they confirmed their error-They claim they sent us a consumers repair by accident.Said they would replace with a new Server and send call tag for the used one.As of February 12th, 2010 they have done absolutely nothing & they do not return my emails or calls.Very unprofessional perhaps criminal operation.My wife has called them Dozen+ times,each time she was lied to that a replacement, Call Tag, or refund check was sent.I have More supporting documents & encourage any interested party to contact me I'll be more then happy to supply them to you.Mail order fraud consists of any illegal scheme that fails to deliver or Misrepresents merchandise, False or Misleading claims in which a payment of a considerable sum of money is made only to find that the product is Not what you expected,defective or stolen merchandise-Buy an Ecceint or Kaleidescape This company is a scam!

Monetary Loss: $2257.

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Xtreme now is Streaming blue to avoid his responsibility to dealers and clients. Truly he is a criminal Jeff Asherbranner


Dr. A

If you want redemption, I have all the information you will need to bring Jeffery down

email me at steelneiffer@gmail.com


Dr. A

If you want redemption, I have all the information you will need to bring Jeffery down

email me at steelneiffer.com


Dr Audio, Please contact me if you would like some new information on this company and their new name. You can take jeffery and Brian down but I need your email address



We bought some sample products with a view to becoming the Australian distributor of Xtream... When we received the products boy were we surprised.

They forgot to put it together properly and so one server was damaged in freight. I managed to get it going only to switch it on and see "WINDOWS IS NOT GENUINE" counterfit notification. None of the people at xtream seem capable of getting back to emails promptly, they promised the world and delivered nothing, and although they have promised to refund the money, we have been waiting some SIX MONTHS and nothing has happened.



or more commonly known as Donald Ray Pate Jr., I suggest you stop these activities. You find yourself in a bad position because I am seeing your ex-wife.

I wonder if this is a clear and objective place to write comments about someone you have never met. I have never done business with you.

I am sure any attorney can see you are trying to create problems for personal reasons. Oh, and thank you for making it so obvious.


Mr. Houdini I would hope that you have done your homework on Jeff Asherbranner and Xtream Media.

He has multilple judgements against him that total over 700K for fraud, breach of contract, not provide services per a contract. All is documented and you can look it up in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

He has been evicted from all of his offices that he has rented. I would suggest you do you homework and really see the true Jeff Asherbranner and I think you will find that he is a fraud and a liar.


Xtreme media servers will not fold. And they will be in business under the name CLEAR BLU HD.

The servers have the best technilogical advancements and out perform every media server in the market place.

As for anyone who wants to continue to bad mouth the corporation, Talk to me instead of broadcasting *** about the new CLEAR BLU HD corporation. As for the individual that calls himself Doctor Audio, You have alot of nerve to misrepresent yourself with such a title. I'm a god in the audio indusrty and i'm really getting fed up with jerks like you misleading the masses.

You don't have a 10th of the experiance,expertise or education that I have in the Audio world.

And to stoop to the level of calling yourself Doctor Audio. I strongly suggest that you remove your pitch regarding Xtreme Media Servers and comments about Jefferey within the next 72hrs.

If you choose not to, then we will see how well you deal with a lawsuit from CLEAR BLU HD corp. Down south we call some one like you a WANNA BE.


Jeff Asherbranner and his Xtream Media are the worst people we have ever done business with. Now we know why so many people talk bad about him.


Jeff Asherbranner has been a nightmare for a lot of people. If you don't know him yet, stay away from this lair. Hi is not worth your time or your money.


HA! Assbanger. Thats funny.


Just so you guys don't feel alone...a year ago I listened to the sales pitch from Jeffrey, asked if the machine could handle multiple outputs simultaneously, was told it could so I ordered a 4800 for demo. The machine had problems from the start and could not do what I asked. After three attempts at sending the PC back for repair/replacement, I told them there is no way that I would sell this to a client and requested my deposit back....doubt I will ever see it.


Wow...if I didn't know any better, I would think that you guys were talking about AXONIX. I purchased one of their mediamax media servers in August of 2009 and I have had nothing but problems with it from day one.

It has been in the shop more than in my home!

Axonix recently changed their name to Mozaex, and now refuses to stand behind the server since there technically is no more "Axonix".

They have basically told me to F off. Whatever you do...be careful of ANY product that this company makes since all they have to do is change their name to get out of the liability on their servers


Doctor Audio,

I know you are not the only one as we have more than 1 Xtream Media Server that has never worked properly since day 1. Jeff Asherbranner,"Assbanger", as you noted is the most worthless human pile of garbage on earth as well as his product.

The Xtream is simply a bastardization of Windows Media Server followed by numerous 3rd party software that you have to then call Xtream to do updates. You can seriously create this entire thing yourself with a Dell and all the software they use. Xtream consistently pushes updates to their clients and they never check their work, so suddenly one day about every 2-3 weeks it just stops working. Xtream has refused our request to return their product more than twice already.

It would seem that if you don't buy an Xtream from the most popular dealer, Jeff "Assbanger" won't give a horse pile to do the right thing.



Audio Doctor, Not trying to minimize your situation, but we have sold several of the pro8800s to clients in Colorado and have always had great service from Xtream. The Pro 8800 is one of the best Blu-Ray Media Servers out there.

It is more than half the price of the Kalediscape with more storage. I have dealt with Jeff personally as well as other members of his team and have found that they go the extra mile.

I am sure that since this is the only negative comments that I have seen on the web regarding their company that this is definitely an isolated incident. And true our industry will be streaming video in the near future, it only makes products such as these more useful as it will be the only way to store purchased videos very soon.


What an unprofessional company-PLEASE anyone reading this STAY AWAY from XTREAM MEDIA SERVER


Today is February 16th , 2010 we'll see if TODAY is the day that Jeff AssBanger has sent the Call Tag & Refund check.

This going on TWO MONTHS with these people absolutely ridiculous.Sitting here is a dirty, dented, Used server just waiting on Xtream Media to do the RIGHT THING!

What an unprofessional company-PLEASE anyone reading this STAY AWAY from XTREAM MEDIA SERVER


Hello Kevin,

I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with them... Honestly, I have not bought anything from them at all..

They came and demoed the server at my place about 2 years ago, provided me some minimal tech data, etc. Their site had the most info on it but was not really to the level I needed to sell the stuff and be able to pitch it well.. I contacted them quite a few times to get more data on the units from them etc with not much response... From what I understand they were originally here in the LA area not in Redlands (Northern Cal), so they must have moved...

The product they had was unique about 2 years ago but has been surpassed and/or outdated other options are out there so I am sure it did not do as well as they had thought it would originally. The problem for them is that they only make a limited product line so if that doesnt sell, they do bye bye and if they are treating people like you they way you explain I bet it wont be long they will fold up... The business is rough enough these days then to sell $5K servers and treat the customers poorly...

Have a good weekend.. Let me know if there is anything I can help you on

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